Mcafee Vs Norton

Like many computer products that come in different brands and versions, security software comes down to a comparison between the top two choices: McAfee and Norton. When it comes to availability, both are sold as individual software products, and offered with computers and internet service. The best way to compare them is to run down the pros and cons of their features.

Comparison of the Basic Features

1. Malware Protection and Removal

McAfee and Norton are at par when it comes to virus detection, and malware blocking. There is little or no problem installing these security software on systems already infected with viruses. However, when it comes to removal, Norton leaves McAfee in the dust. McAfee tends to overlook some of the malware it detects come removal time. Even after its recommended reboot, some stubborn malware executable files, like rootkits, remain in the system, while Norton removes the same files without issue.

2. Phishing Protection

Both McAfee and Norton protect users from phishing sites, but Norton has the more effective phishing filter.

3. Firewall

Norton and McAfee equally have powerful firewalls. They both put ports in stealth mode and block exploits by malware. The only difference is how they deal with unknown programs. McAfee will ask the user what to do when it detects a software it does not know about, while Norton uses behavior and reputation to determine the best course of action.

4. Updates

Both Norton and McAfee have automatic updates, and both also allow manual updates. As expected, the computer has to be online in order to receive these updates, whether automatic or manual. Norton silently checks for updates on virus definitions every hour, while McAfee checks when the system starts and every 4 hours thereafter.

5. User Interface

Norton has a wide window for its user interface, much like many other security software. It has always been intuitive and easy to navigate no matter what version. Buttons for turning a service on or off are easy to locate. McAfee's on the other hand, probably in an attempt to be more organized, is slightly trickier to navigate. How menus, tabs and buttons are positioned can significantly affect a software's usability.

6. Subscription Costs

McAfee is often slightly more costly than Norton. It could be attributed to the extra features or plus elements it includes with its software like traffic monitors, file shredder and security log/report. On the other hand, Norton also comes with other features like tuneup and backup at no additional cost.

7. Customer Support

When you're paying for subscription on a software, you expect that when you have questions about it or need help, you can just pick up the phone and talk to someone. Both companies provide customer support for their product online and by phone. As to the quality of support, it varies in both companies, as there are many factors that can affect a customer's perception of good customer support.


Though both security software perform about the same when blocking malware from getting into the system, you would want the one that also gets rid of most if not all of the malware it detects. McAfee fails this, but it can be argued that since it can effectively prevent malware from getting in, there's not much reason worrying about not being able to take it out.

If this has left you undecided, here's what might tip your decision: independent testing labs have been reported to give McAfee a lower overall rating than Norton multiple times.
February 28th, 2016 05:36  posted by Anon.

norton is better

March 22nd, 2015 18:49  posted by Jimmy
Norton w/ MBam

I have used Avast! Premier, BitDefender Total Protection, Kaspersky (forget which version), and McAfee Total Protection. All are good though Avast! and McAfee didn't pick up certain Malware that MBam did, kinda weird. But nothing can compare to Norton 360. I have only used it for about a week and its amazing, combine Norton with MBam and MBae, your system is pretty much impenetrable. In that short time Norton saved my PC's ass at least 50+ times. (I like to surf dangerously :3)

October 4th, 2014 18:02  posted by Anon.
McA vs. N

No comments

August 29th, 2014 18:19  posted by Anon.


March 7th, 2014 13:01  posted by Mr Cool
McAffe User

I use McAfee, and I can say it saved me from viruses multiple times (especially the porn viruses that tried to get into my pc). I reccomend McAfee, not only because it has effectivly saved my computer, but also because it dosent block game websites like club penguin, claming it to be a bad website for some reason (this is what norton did before i switchwd to McAfee, even after telling norton firewall to stop blocking CP and Panfu.)

March 22nd 2015 18:52  posted by Anon.

I use Norton and i can get on Club Penguin.

November 7th, 2013 10:21  posted by dendo

norton for the win!!!!

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